Mary Grogan Community Park                    
3601 Litt Rd, Modesto

Modesto City Park

This park is dedicated to the late Mary Grogan,
former director of the Modesto Parks &
Recreation department.

Operated By The Modesto Youth Soccer Association


Driving Directions 

This map is movable and may be expanded.
In the above map, Enoch High School is on the left.  The complex was built
in the dirt area to the right of the high school, with complex being near the
top of the picture and parking lot running down towards Sylvan Ave.  The
only entrance to the complex is via Litt Rd.

Field Map

Prohibited Items                           

Hotels Near Site

Nearby Food

Movie Theaters Near Site

Ice Cream Shops In Modesto

Starbucks Near Site

Movie Rentals Near Site


Nearby Things To Do


    Yosemite National Park

                 Using Highway 120



                 Using Highway 99 & 140



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            Yosemite Information


Castle Air Force Museum



Aircraft On Display

Aerial View Of Planes On Display

Castle Receives Former Air Force One For Display (video)


Funworks Information  (Family Recreation Center)

Funworks Web Site Here


Boomers Information  (Family Recreation Center)

Boomers Web Site Here


Videos Of Site

      View From Main Parking Lot

      Front Of Complex

      Turf Field #3

      Main Gate Area

      Turf Field #2

      Sitting Areas, #2 & #3 Fields

      Grass Area, east side, Field #2

      Grass Field Area

      Turf Field #2, & Grass Fields


Hospitals Near Complex

Nearby Shopping Malls

     Vintage Faire Mall Location

     Vintage Faire Mall Property Map

     Vintage Faire Mall Home Page

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Manteca Shopping Mall

The mall includes the BASS PRO SHOPS store
which is a tourist attraction, due to the interior
of the store.  It is an outdoor adventurers dream



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                                               NO METAL CLEATS ALLOWED ON THESE TURF FIELDS
                                                    MOLDED CLEATS & ATHLETIC SHOES ONLY ON
                                                                              TURF FIELDS

                                              SPORTS DRINKS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON TURF FIELDS
                                                                              WATER ONLY



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