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Cal North Founders Cup
& Junior Cup Festival      

Cal North Has Not Released Information for Founders' Cup & Junior Cup Festival for 2014-2015 Yet




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        Founders' Cup Soccer Tournament 2013


Cal North Founders' Cup Schedules and Results


Cal North Junior Cup Festival Schedules and Results





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 What Is Founders' Cup / Junior Cup Festival?



There are two annual events held that Cal North recreational teams may participate in for recreational
state tournament fun;

     The Foundersí Cup tournament is a tournament for U12-U14 & U16-U19  teams, and is solely for recreational
     players.  The U12-U14 division plays in December and January, with U16-U19 typically playing in March.

     The Junior Cup Festival hosts U10 recreational players and U9-U11 players in the Association Cup & State Cup
     divisions.  Association Cup & State Cup are competitive team divisions.  The recreational division teams and the
     competitive division teams share the same playing venue, to play their divisional Junior Cup Festival games, with
     each team playing solely against teams in their division.  The festival typically starts play in the 2nd weekend of
     December, concluding before Christmas (if there are no delays caused by weather).  It could be expected that
     if rain caused a delay in playing, that the festival could run-over into January. 

It has been historical that the Junior Cup Festival games & the Founders' Cup games play on the same weekends
in December, with the U12-U14 games being at a different venue.

One item that a parent may want to keep in mind is that the final weekend of the Junior Cup Festival coincides with
the first weekend of play for the U12-U14 age group.  If you have players on teams in both groups, you will have to
decide which game(s) that you will miss, as the U10's will not be playing at the same venue, and the venues could
be a good distance apart.  For two parents, it could mean that one parent goes to watch the U10 games, and one
parent goes to watch the U12-U14 games.  It could also happen that grandparents/aunts/uncles could take one
player to one set of games and the parents take the 2nd player to their set of games.


The U16-U19 players  play in March.  U12-14 applications for Foundersí
Cup are typically due in to the Cal North office at the very beginning of
November.  Applications for Junior Cup Festival are due at this time also.
Applications for U16-U19 teams are due into the Cal North
office by the very beginning of January.  These dates are listed on the
Cal North site.

The U10 recreational teams may elect to enter the Association Cup
segment of the festival, instead of the recreational level of play.  This
would be for a recreational team that may have been at the top of play
in their recreational season of play.  A caveat here though.  They
would potentially be playing against other teams that had been playing
competitive play all season, at a playing level different then that of
recreational play. 

For a recreational team that may be thinking of going competitive in their next playing season, this might be something for them
to try, to preview what they would be up against for the future.  There may be a higher tournament fee to play in the competitive
part of the Junior Cup Festival (Association Cup & State Cup). 


Over the past years, the Foundersí Cup games have been held at
the Morgan Hill Sports Complex, in Morgan Hill, Mistlin Sports
Complex in Ripon, Cherry Island in Rio Linda (also called
'Sacramento' ), Bartholomew Sports Park in Elk Grove, and Mary
Grogan Community Park (also called Grogan Sports Park) In
Modesto.  The fields at Bartholomew Sports Park are all turf fields.
There are two turf fields at Morgan Hill, which are in a stadium and
ten (10) grass fields.  At Mary Grogan Community Park there are
four turf fields, and four grass fields, with other grass fields possible
at the school, next to the soccer complex.


For teams desiring to enter Foundersí Cup, it is a simple process.  You pay
the entry fee for that year, and file your application with Cal North.  A
team is eligible for playing in Foundersí Cup for having just participated in the
Fall playing season.  Teams go to the tournament as a team, with all members
of the team being eligible to go to Foundersí Cup.  All teams that apply are
accepted, no team is turned away.  Please note, you must communicate your
attentions to attend Foundersí Cup with your league registrar.  Your paperwork
will be processed by your registrar and the District registrar.  It is not necessary
to send your roster, you just file the application and pay the fee.  Your roster
information is looked up in the Cal North database.

There are a number of things that a coach will find out if they attend Founders'
Cup: (1) They and their team will have fun.  It is an experience for the
recreational players to travel with their teammates; (2) The team will be excited.
It will most likely be the first time that they have played teams from other areas
that they know nothing about.  New friendships could be made; (3) The coach
will see their team play at a different level than they did during the recreational
season play; (4) The parents feel the excitement of the Cup competitions also;
(5) For some teams, it may be a test for them to consider if they wish to move to
competitive play; (6) A coach may see team tactics/play that may help them improve their team for the next recreational season;
(7) Teams that typically travel to the cup together may form a closer bound, which spills over to better team play on the field; (8)
For a coach considering venturing into coaching traveling teams, the weekend will let them experience what is actually involved in
the logistics of having a traveling team.

Playing in Founders' Cup is a unique experience for a recreational team.  The vast majority of recreational teams
do not travel outside of their league play.  They are also used to playing the same local teams, possibly for several years,
as they all move through the age groups together.  Founders' Cup adds more excitement to play, as it can give a team the
opportunity to travel as a team, spending the night at away locations.  This heightens the excitement for the players, as it
becomes more of a group experience, seeing new fields/teams/locations and hanging out with each other.  Playing in the
state rounds, they understand that these games are more important than the fall recreational games that they previously
played.  This typically causes most players to step up their play, as they all want to advance to the final rounds, and
hopefully to the championship game.  Each team wants to be named as the best team in Cal North, for their age group,
and they direct challenge each other to earn that spot.  Most importantly, during this process, they are having the additional
level of fun, which they did not have in the normal recreational season.

There is an over-all thrill in participating in the games, which leaves most players wanting to come back again.  Parents
also realize that these games have more of an urgency to the teams, and they also get caught up in the passion.  Most
also enjoy the brief time away from home, doing something different.

For many players, the end of the fall playing season brings an end to a season, which they do not want to end.  They still
want to play.  Attending Founders'/Junior Cup Festival gives them the opportunity to continue practicing/playing with their
friends for a short time more, in an adventure.  Win, or lose, for some, they are happy that they had the opportunity to
play awhile longer.  For coaches, it can give them a new perspective on soccer play, as they get to see playing styles
from other Northern California leagues.  They can assess new team tactics, and skill levels for importing into their team


Previous Teams, Hard At Work, Playing Hard To Advance To The Next Round






    Rules & Regulations For
                         Cup/Festival Play

Rules & Regulations for all Cups/Junior Cup Festival may be found here

Prior to the start of the Cup, Cal North sends an information packet to
all registered teams.  If you have lost yours, or a parent needs a  copy,
you may get this packet from the Cal North web site:   here






          Who Plays In
Cal North Founders' Cup

Founders' Cup Age Group
       U12 boys & girls
       U14 boys & girls
       U16-U19 boys/men & girls/women



Who Plays In Junior Cup Festival?

         U10 Recreational boys & girls

    U9-U11 Competitive boys & girls



            Where Are Founders' Cup
   & Junior Cup Festival Games Played?

( 2014-2015 locations have not been announced )

Cal North Founders' Cup Locations

          Cal North Junior Cup Festival for Foundersí, Association and State Cup     - December 7, 8, 14, 15
                                                                                                      Morgan Hill
Outdoor Sports Facility

          Cal North Foundersí Cup U12-U14               December 14-15              - Mistlin Sports Park; Ripon
 January:  11-12                -
Grogan Soccer Park;

          Cal North Foundersí Cup U16-U19                    March:  8-9                  - Grogan Sports Park; Modesto
March:  15-16              - Cherry Island;       Rio Linda

            Note To FamiliesThe last weekend of Junior Cup Festival overlaps with the first weekend
                                          of play for the Founders' U12-U14 games.  The games for each are held at
                                          separate venues, a good distance from each other.



( 2014-2015 fees have not been announced )

Founders' Cup Fee  2013-2014



Junior Festival Cup Fee  2013-2014



If you are a recreational team that wants advanced play challenges, you may sign up to play in Association
Cup, of the Junior Cup Festival.  You will then compete against entry level competitive teams.  To play in the
Association Cup part of the Junior Cup Festival there may be a different fee.

                        Non-Cal North teams may apply for the Association Cup and
State Cup sections of the Junior Cup Festival.  They are not
                        eligible to apply for the U12-U14, or U16-U19 sections of
Founders' Cup.



Founders' Cup Venue(s) Designations
(which site is to be used is designated yearly):

Founders' Cup Ripon
Founders' Cup Mistlin Sports Park
NOTE:  Ripon & Mistlin Sports Park are the same venue

Founders' Cup Cherry Island
Founders' Cup Rio Linda
Founders' Cup Sacramento
NOTE:  All refer  to the same venue site

Founders' Cup Elk Grove
Founders' Cup Bartholomew Sports Park
NOTE:  Both refer to the same site in Elk Grove

Founders' Cup Morgan Hill
Founders' Cup Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center
Both refere to the same site in Morgan Hill

Founders' Cup Redding Soccer Park

Founders' Cup Turlock Regional Sports Complex,

Founders' Cup Grogan Sports Complex - Modesto
Founders' Cup Grogan Sports Park - Modesto
Founders' Cup Mary Grogan Soccer Park -
Founders' Cup - Mary Grogan Community Park -
Modesto (official city/MYSA name of park)

     NOTE:  All refer  to the same venue site

The following file shows the location of the most used sites over the past years for
Founders' Cup & the Junior Cup Festival, within Cal North.

                               Venue Locations For Cal North Tournaments

These sites are sites that have been used in the past for Founders' Cup/Junior Cup Festival games.
Some sites are used more frequently, with sites varying, year-to-year.

Check the Venues page for information on these sites



Founders' Cup Apparel

      If you missed the opportunity to buy t-shirts/hoodies on-site, don't fret, you can order them on-line!


      Your team could avoid the hassle of missing out on sizes/colors by ordering the items when they
      appear on the web site.  For questions regarding ordering and having the items to wear for the
      games, contact Cal North.  A note on the vendors.  They are not always present on both days
      of the event, and may arrive late, or leave early.  If you see them in the morning and want to
      buy a shirt/hoody, don't wait until the end of the day, as they may not be there.  They also may
      run out of your size, or color that you want. 



Venues & Weather

It unfortunately happens at times that venue locations have to change.  This primarily happens
due to rain causing fields to be non-playable.  This is determined solely by the operator at the
particular site and Cal North has no control over that determination, or when they announce
it.  In the past, Cal North has been notified within the week, before the playing weekend.  This
can happen when a sudden storm over-whelms fields.  For this weather related happening,
neither the site operator or Cal North has any control over.  At the moment that Cal North is
informed, the search to find another playing location is made.  Due to the number of games
played, this has to be a large venue, which are in short supply, and may be booked with
previous game reservations from other organizations.

When signing up to play, please be aware that weather can cause the playing site to be changed.
This has to figure into your personal cost to attend, and the time needed to be able to play (i.e. if
you have to drive further than you initially anticipated, which may require you to spend the night,
rather than just doing a local drive daily).

Sometimes venues shut down fields, after they have let the fields be used during questionable
ground conditions.  Fields end up damaged and the site operator then shuts the fields down, to
allow time for healing.  This process can easily take months to happen.  Even on a normal basis,
it is good to allow a field to have a 'rest' period, for grass to grow and fill-in spots.  This may
cause a site to be unavailable for a period of time, due to fields being rested.  With this being
done, if you notice a site near you that 'seems' available to play, from a casual glance, it may not
be available, as the venue operator may be resting the fields.  This can easily occur also during wet
weather.  Just 'looking' at a field cannot necessarily tell you the condition of a field that has retained
a large amount of moisture.  This would be seen by walking on the field, and noticing how much
moisture is in the ground.



     Frost On Ground

          Some sites are paying closer attention to their fields, and rightfully so.  Good fields will not
          exist where they are used in weather conditions that cause fields to be damaged.  Frost on
          fields is one of the items that is getting more attention.  If there is frost on the grass, stepping
          on the upper part of the grass, which is covered with frost, will kill the top layer of grass. 

          A university statement, which studied effects of walking on frost covered grass made a simple
          statement "
 Injury to frost covered Grass will not be seen right away but will be noticeable 12
          to 48 hours after the damage is done.  Often the injured grass will get a purple or black hue.
          The Grass will then turn brown as it dies.  Dead Grass will leave areas for Weeds to germinate.
          Damaged Grass that does not die will be more susceptible to disease
."  It comes down to a
          simple policy, people should not be walking/playing on frost covered grass, as it will damage
          the playing field.  While some may think it is 'fun' to see their feet print on the frost covered
          grass, each foot print is damaging the area where they walked.  A prudent site operator will
          want people to stay entirely off their grass until the frost is gone.  This is a practical matter,
          and is happening more often.  In turn, this causes delays in scheduled playing times.  This
          is another weather related happening, which cannot be predicted.



NOTICE:  The following calendar is based on the historical trend of the past Founders' Cup dates,
and is an estimate of the projected dates for 2014-1015


Cal North Founders' Cup 2014-2015


Cal North Founders' Cup Calendar

November 3 Applications for U10-U14 teams due to Cal North office, before 5:00 PM
December 6 League deadline for leagues to submit U10 & U12-U14 rosters to district registrar
December 7 U10 Junior Cup Festival Rosters Freeze
December 7-8 Junior Cup Festival  U10 Boys and Girls Preliminary Games 
December 7 U12-U14 Team Rosters Freeze
December 14-15 Junior Cup Festival  U10 Boys and Girls Elimination Games
December 14-15 Founders' Cup U12-U14 Boys and Girls Preliminary Games       


January 5 Application for U16-U19 teams due to Cal North office, before 5:00 PM
January 10-11 Founders' Cup U12-U14 Boys and Girls Elimination Games       
March 3 U16-U19 Rosters Freeze
March 6-7 Founders' Cup U16-U19 Preliminary Games
March 13-14 Founders' Cup U16-U19 Elimination Games

Printable Founders' Cup Calendar


A comment on what this means.  Cal North states that you may add players to your roster
until the Tuesday before your games.  The roster 'freezes' then.  However, one big caveat
here is that the rules also state that your roster must be in the District Registrars hands
by the Friday, before the Tuesday freeze date.  This practically means that you have to
get it into your league registrars' hands early in the week, to insure that they can get it
to the District registrar by Friday.  This does not mean that you drop it off on Thursday
, to your league registrar!  They will need some processing time, and some
courtesy, as they have a life too.  Be also aware that your district registrar may establish
a date, earlier than the stated Cal North date, for your roster to be turned in. 
You will
need to communicate with your league registrar for when your roster must be in to them


NOTE Your team must be prepared to travel to a different site, if a rain-out should occur.
The site could potentially not be a 'local' site to you (look at the previously mentioned sites
that have been used in the past).  All team members must be aware of this and be committed
to travel, if the need should arise.  There are financial penalties that a team will incur if they
should pull-out of the tournament.




How Do I Prepare My Team To Play

You prepare your team to play in Founders' Cup in the same manner that you prepare them to play in
           in the fall season:

Practice Sessons

You plan out your practice sessions.  Each session concentrates on developing specific skills, with multiple skills covered during a session.  You end your session with a team scrimmage, where these skills are practiced and refined.  For doing this, you prepare 'lesson plans' for each session.

Links For Soccer Practice Plans

US Youth Soccer



US Youth Soccer Coaches Connection

Soccer Universe

Take Game Notes

For each game that your team plays, a variety of information is
actively displayed during the game.  You should note areas where
your team is having difficulty.  This should be incorporated into your
lesson plan for the next practice session.  You should also note if
improvement areas is related to the team as a whole, or individual
players.  If there are individual players who appear to need a
'refresher' on previously taught skills, this is a spot where your
assistant coach can step in and work one-on-one with the player(s).
In this manner you do not have to recover a previous lesson for the
entire team.  These players could cover the current lesson plan items
for the day, during the end of session scrimmage time (they would
have missed a small part of the current lesson plan items, while they
were being refreshed.  They would rejoin the team after their private
session, but would have missed previous lesson plan items for the

The goal being to ensure that all of your players are evenly developed in
all areas, to eliminate any potential 'weak spots'.

Tackling The Ball

Players should be comfortable with doing shoulder charges to take the
ball away from an attacker.  This is a major method for taking the ball
away from an attacker.

Game Adjustments

Be prepared to make adjustments in the game by watching how the
other team is playing.  You may have to move players around,
depending on skill abilities and the speed/lack of speed of a player.

Game Tactics

Practice set pieces for throw-ins/corner kicks/offside traps, etc.
Every player should know their position for any tactical play that is
done.  Part of this is also learning to shield the ball from players,
using their body and the sidelines.

Links For Soccer Tactics Information


Soccer Essentials

Soccer Pilot

Soccer Classroom


Defense, Defense, Defense

Your defensive players should learn to work as a unit in their defensive formation. 
They should learn to do this automatically and
silently (yelling at each other to 'move up' only alerts the opposing
team to move their players up also, to avoid being offside.  The
defensive line should learn to watch the balling coming down the field,
and the position of offensive players around them.  This can help
them to implement an  offside trap, by moving forward as a unit, right
before a ball is kicked toward them.  This leaves  any offensive player
in an immediate offside position.  This requires precise timing on the
part of the defensive line, and must be done quickly and in silence.  A
defensive line must practice this, if it is to be done properly.  It should
be fully understood that if you leave your defensive line back, near
your goal, that you are giving up all of the space in front of your goal
for potential offsides.  You have effectively given the opposing team a
'free' path all the way down to your goal area.  The same applies if
only one member of the defense stays back near the goal area.  The
opposing team cannot be offside, early in their attack, they have the
field area between the last defender to get closer to your goal.

If your team relies on the 'offside trap', do not trap yourself at the same time. 
A counter to the trap, where you have moved all of your
players up to the half-way line, is a speedy offensive player.  Your
defensive on the half-way line needs at least one speedy defender, to
counter any ball shot over their heads.  The opposing team could
practice 'break-outs' by having players running with speed toward the
half-way line, with a player kicking the ball deliberately hard and high,
right before their players reach the half-way line.  The defenders on
the line have minimum time to react, before the running players are
past them, heading to get the desending ball.  It would take speed to
catch up with them and challenge them for the ball.  A good coach will
notice what side of your defensive line will have speed, and which
side does not have speed, and adjust accordingly.

Links For Soccer Defense Information

Soccer Expert     Soccer Expert2

Soccer Training Guide


Soccer Drills


Offensive Tactics

Work with your offensive to come up with different offensive tactics,
using as many different players as possible.  Do not be 'predictable'
in your offense.  An example of this is a coach who has their 'star'
forward on one side of the field, and all of the attacking occurs with
this player, on their side of the field.  This makes it extremely easy for
the opposing team to defense against.

Links For Soccer Offense Information

Soccer Training Guide

Soccer Coaching Blog

Soccer Expert

Soccer Drills Tips

Elite Soccer Training

'Wall Pass'

Incorporate a wall pass into passing plays.


Consider having 'fun' times, such as a picnic/movie/pool party, etc. for
your team.  This will help your team to gel as a team and to enjoy
their season.  It also will serve as a means of opening communications
between parents and yourself.



'Flight Tracker' For Coaches

           This worksheet allows you to keep track of teams in your flight, collecting point information.  Get this form here


Founders Cup - Coaches Worksheet

           This worksheet can help facilitate your working through items, as you prepare for Founders' Cup.  It is a
            check-list guide, to help you insure that you have covered vital items.  Get this form



Application Deadline:

Take note that the listed age group applications are U10-14 and U16-19, with both groups having different
timelines that they have to apply by, for 2013-2014, as follows:

U10-14    -  Must apply by Nov. 1, by 5:00 pm;  Applications MUST be IN the office

U16-19    -  Must apply by Jan. 6, by 5:00 pm;  Applications MUST be IN the office

                 NOTE:  Applications are typically due the first business day of the
                             month.  November for U10-14, and January for U16-19.
                             Take note, this means it must be in the office, not
                             post-marked by that date.  If you are a Cal North Team,
                             you do not have to send team credentials in with your
                             application--just apply.  Non-Cal North teams must submit
                             an official roster from their playing organization.

                             Non-Cal North teams may apply for the Association Cup and
                             State Cup sections of the Junior Cup Festival.  They are not
                             eligible to apply for the U12-U14, or U16-U19 sections of
                             Founders' Cup.


Player Roster Count:

For U14-U19 teams, you may now have 22 players on your roster.   Ask your league registrar for help on these items.
Only 18 players can be designated as being eligible to play in a game.  For U10-U12 teams, you may have an 18 player
roster.  For rosters with over 18 players, players not designated as playing in the game cannot be in uniform.  They may
be with the team, but just not in uniform.


Pets At Fields:

                      For all facilities, NO PETS ARE ALLOWED  Coaches have the responsibility for notifying their team.  If a party
brings a pet, they will be asked to remove the pet from the fields.  Please do not bring a pet to the fields.  Coaches need to
ensure that their team member families are aware of this.


Wearing of non-uniform clothing during Cup play 

The Head Cal North referee official comments on the wearing of long sleeve clothing, hats & gloves.  Insure that you read
section 'XI Uniforms', in the Cal North Cup Competition Directives, Rules & Regulations, regarding rules on non-uniform clothing,
as there are specific requirements. 


Guest Players:


On-Line Application Process:

Cal North has an automated process for doing applications, on-line.  You may begin the application procedure here


Spectator Behavior

This is an issue for coaches and Cal North.  Cal North holds a coach responsible for the behavior of their spectators.  In
matches, a coach and their spectators may be separated.  This means that a coach will have to watch the game, and the
and the conduct of their spectators, from across the field.  This means that the coach and assistant coach will have to
work with each other on watching aspects of both the game, and spectators.  It would be beneficial to task the 'team
parent' with helping to monitor the parents, as they must be on the sideline with the parents (they are not a team 'coach',
with credentials, so they would be with the spectators).  However, remember the coach has the final responsibility, if
something happens.  If it is apparent that the team parent cannot get a parent to settle down, they need to notify the
coach immediately.  If the team parent seeks a Cal North field officer nearby, they can also explain the situation to them,
to seek assistance.



Think long, pay long here folks.  You need to pay attention as to when the venue is announced.  Needless to say, the cheaper
rooms go first!  Everything is first come, first served.  You also need to have a parents meeting and talk about how the
chaperoning will work, especially  for any player that may attend the games without parents (i.e. traveling with another family
and staying in their room, or adjoining rooms).  Coaches may want to review the following item, from the league insurance
(click here).


Car Pools

Cal North has a form that seeks to protect you from that well worn adage (Murphy's Law), if you wish to use it.  This is the
Car Pool Driver Form, which can also be found in the back of your Team Manual.


Team area during a game

Coaches are responsible to ensure that only credentialed team personnel are in the team area during a game.  No
parents/sponsors are allowed
.  Cal North personnel will be checking team areas for authorized personnel, as per team check-in,
with credentials having been previously presented.  You may have a total of four (4) licensed team personnel in the team area.
Please take note, the spouses/significant others,  and children of licensed personnel are spectators and must be in the spectator


Turf Field Warning

Please take note.  An increasing number of sites have turf fields.  To this date, all of the past sites have restrictions regarding
usage of turf fields.  Most sites have the same set of rules, as others, for preservation of the turf.  Please ensure that your team
is prepared for this, by checking your schedule and letting your team know about it in advance.  This means that you must pay
careful and immediate attention to your playing schedule when you receive it.  If players need to buy new shoes, they need to
know about it in advance.  For the team area, the coach will be held responsible for ensuring that all players abide by the rules
of the field.  The coach should ensure that their team is informed of the turf field rules, before they go to the fields (ideally a
coach should issue a statement to the team, prior to leaving home, informing them of any specific rules that they will face).

   Note:  The above viewing stand is the typical viewing stand at Bartholomew Sports Park
               for fields #1 & #2.


Player Transfers

Your team may have a maximum of five (5) transfers from another league to your team.  You may select from more than one league, but you have a maximum of five outside your league players that you can transfer on.  You have unlimited transfers from teams within your league.  Remember that this can only be recreational players.


Chaperone Form

For those parents who cannot attend the games and are having other parents watch over their child, this form can be used to outline the responsibilities of the chaperone, and ensure that they understand their responsibilities.


Venue Parking Fees

Be prepared to pay an average of $5-$6 to park at several venues.  Check on entering about 'In/Out' policy for parking.  This is where it might be smart to carpool players from the hotel, loading up the cars and saving on parking fees. 


A Word About Team Credentials

As a recreational team, playing solely within your league, your team credentials do not meet state standards for tournament play.  You may play in a league where pictures on player passes were not needed, or not strictly enforced.  This is not acceptable for state level playing passes, as all passes must have a proper picture.  The other item is that to play in Founders Cup, you are then considered a 'traveling team' and must meet requirements for such.  This means that all passes, players and coaches, must be laminated.  Any pass that does not have a picture, or is not laminated will not be accepted at team check-in--no exceptions.  This is why you need to insure that you work with your league registrar and District Registrar on getting your team credentials to them, for the needed work to be done on them.  Your '1401' form, the medical release form, must be the original forms that were signed, no copies will be accepted.  It must be in 'original' ink signature. 


Who has to switch jerseys in a color conflict?

In most playing leagues it is the home team that has to change their jersey in a color conflict with a visiting team.  The same exists in Founders' Cup.  If you know a coach that might let you borrow some practice vests/pennies, it might be wise to do so, as a just-in-case.  A game could not be played with both teams having the same color jersey, and the responsibility falls on the home team for this.


Player Change Of Clothing

For the fall playing season, the weather is sometimes an issue.  Fields may be wet/slightly muddy.  There is typically a big gap between the first game played and the next game.  If a player has wet/muddy socks/clothing, it is most likely prudent for them to be able to change.  The team will need to consider as to how/where this will occur.  The question also involves as to what they will change into.  A recreational team typically does not have a 2nd uniform to change into.  The next alternative may be sweats, or street clothing.  This does not resolve a wet sock issue though, for the next game.  A wise player/team will have a 2nd pair of socks for their players, as a just-in-case measure.  The wet/muddy uniform is another matter, which could provide a challenge.  A parent could take all the uniforms to a laundromat and wash & dry them.  This means a volunteer, to be away from the team.  The location of the nearest laundromat would have needed to be pin-pointed, prior to playing, so that the party could get there and back quickly (hoping that all the machines were not in usage).  An alternative could be renting one room at a place that has a washer/dryer room on site.  Players could change clothes in the room and the clothes could be washed on site.


 Field Cleanliness

This should not have to be said, but for a small few, it does.  Each team is expected to clean-up their team area before departing the field.  If a team is arriving and sees that the departing team has not done so, the coach should request that they clean their area.  If the arriving coach does not, they will be accepting the cleaning job, prior to their team leaving the field.  If a departing coach refuses to clean their area, you may report this to the Founders' Cup staff at the field.  All teams like playing in a nice environment and all teams are responsible for ensuring that things stay clean.  BTW, a coaches answer that it 'was like this when we arrived', is not an excuse for leaving a mess for the next team.



 Game Balls

If you are the home team, you may asked to provide game balls for your game, which is a normal item for any game.
To protect your balls, ensure that you specifically ask the referee team to return your balls to you at the end of your
game.  You might even consider sending your team captain out at half time, to remind them to fetch your balls and
return them to your team.  The end of the game may be a hectic period, as every one is rushing to clear the field.  It
has happened that a ball is left at a goal and goes unnoticed by a team/referee crew, which is then picked up by the
next team coming on the field, or a spectator.  The end result is that your team loses a ball.  Some teams have their
balls identifiable, by having their team name on the ball.  If the ball is found later, it makes it easier to know who the
ball belongs to.



 What Can We Do To Raise Funds?

  1. Have funraisers

  2. Seek sponsors from businesses

  3. Finance internally within the team.  Each team member responsible for a fixed donation.

  4. Have a team 'garage sale'

  5. Seek permission to sell snacks at league games/tournaments.

  6. Collect cans/bottles for recycling profits, from the team families.  This could add up over the season!

  7. Do the same as #6 above, but ask for the items from other league team families.

  8. Do the same as #6 above, but ask for the items from local restaurants

  9. Do the same as #6 above, but ask for the items from local business, that have many employees.


The key on raising your funds is to not wait until the last minute to begin.  The early your team decides
that they want to attend Founders' Cup, the better off you are.  This not only applies to collecting the
funds to pay the tournament fee, but also pays off in regard to getting more players onto your team
roster.  You can relax and keep your eyes open for potential players for your Founders' Cup bound
team.  This is for players within and outside your league (don't forget that you can have players from
other Cal North recreational leagues on your team--talk to your league registrar). 


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